3d Photo Cube By Unikes

3d photo cube made of glass. It can be designed with different themes and you can add beautiful scenes as well. This 3d photo cube is a wonderful gift idea for many occasions. You can gift this to someone who is really close to you. For instance, if you want to present it to your sister then try something special and funky. Or you can gift it to your best friend on a birthday or your wife on an anniversary.

3d photo cube by unikes amazing. The design of this 3d photo crystal block resembles the cubic glass and it looks very elegant and beautiful. The sides of the 3d photo crystal cube are made of clear polycarbonate and the middle part of the cube has a silver colored metal with silver or white stripes in it. The bottom part of the cube is made of high quality clear plastic. The crystal cubes come with magnetic strips to keep the photo safely on the surface.

3d photo cube by unikes amazing. The shining object feature of this 3d crystal photo cube allows you to see your favorite photograph very sparingly. This cube looks exactly like the original piece of photo that you have and that makes it even more special. The cube is very durable and you can carry it anywhere. The cube is also very lightweight so you can carry it to parties and even in picnic.

3d photo cube by unikes amazing. This 3d photo cube is the perfect wedding gift for your special friends and family members. If you want to present something very special and unique to your dear ones then nothing can be better than this 3d photo cube. Your loved one will really appreciate this special gift that will be perfect for her taste and personality. This cube is made of high quality glass and the top part of this cube is made of clear polycarbonate, which makes it look like an original piece of glass.

3d crystal photo cube by unikes amazing. The design and style of this 3d glass picture cube by unikes are beautiful and elegant. You can use this cube in many ways like you can place it on the table of your place and impress everyone with your style. The crystal pattern looks like a real piece of glass and you will certainly be surprised with its amazing features. This item is perfect for your special day as it helps you to remember your special moment with elegance and sparkling.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your beloved, you should definitely go for this item. It is surely the best gift for your friend or family member and you will never go wrong with this amazing gift. Get stunning beauty from your special one with this 3d photo crystal photo cube.